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Attendees willing to present their work (either poster or oral presentation) are asked to write a one-page abstract, which will be availlable in the conference book of abstracts. The abstract should outline the topic of the presentation, the main developments and results. The deadline for the submission is February 24, 2019.

The guidelines for writing the abstract are listed below:

  • the abstract must be generated using Word template, which can be downloaded here: Template
  • the content of the abstract, including references, must not exceed one page,
  • the size of your file should not exceed 5MB,
  • in the submission process (either Submission box in Abstract submission main menu or Submissions box in My Space panel once your are logged on), please enter all required fields, including all authors and corresponding affiliations,
  • 3 keywords selected within the list available in the template and 1 free keyword are requierd,
  • once written in the word template, you can upload the abstract file directly on the website,
  • your file will be automatically converted to pdf: in order to manage your file, it is mandatory to NOT protect it,
  • once submitted, you can check the auto-generated pdf file online, by clicking on the PDF frame,
  • do not forget to click on the final Submit button, after which you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
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